Infuse 3 video player updated with all-new folders and background audio

On July 8, 2015


FireCore has just updated Infuse 3 “to make watching videos in Infuse even better and more enjoyable.” Version 3.4 brings a handful of improvements including new organization options, background audio playback, and more.


An all-new folders option provides the ability to manually organize videos to your heart’s content. You can even set custom artwork for each, allowing everything to mesh seamlessly with the native Infuse layout.

Background (audio) playback

Background playback allows for a video’s audio to continue playing in the background while using other apps or while your device is locked. This is handy when leaving the app to repsond to a quick email, or for playing a continuous stream of music videos. Background playback requires Infuse Pro.

Other improvements:

  • Landscape lock setting for iPhone
  • File size is now shown when browsing shares through Add Files screen
  • Callback URLs for streaming from other apps
  • Added Turkish translation – thanks Semih!
  • Delete videos from ticket view
  • Option to show filenames instead of fetched names
  • Improved speed of video artwork caching and loading
  • Improved speed and stability of SMB connections
  • Resolved issues with some direct URLs not working
  • Auto-empty URL field after a link is saved
  • Other minor improvements and fixes

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