Install Adobe Flash on iPhone, iPad, and iPod with Frash

On May 23, 2011

Adobe Flash on iPhone, iPod, and iPad is not supported by default. But, you can enable adobe flash on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch by installing frash, a tweak from Cydia. Frash is developed by comex, well-known jailbreak hacker also creator of JailbreakMe. This tweak will mark the flash content on website with “Flash” sign. To enable adobe flash content on Safari, just tap the “flash” block and the content will be loaded.

What will you need?

  • Already jailbroken device.
  • Internet connection through Wi-fi or 3G connection.

Follow this guide to install Frash on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad to allow flash content on safari browser.

Add this repository to Cydia:
This is the repository source to install frash.

  • Once repo source has been added, tap BENM.AT Repo and find Frash – Flash for iOS inside BENM.AT Packages
  • Once you found Frash, tap it then tap Install to start Installing Frash to iPhone, iPod, or iPad.
    About Frash Flash for iOS
  • Tap Confirm, then tap Return to Cydia once the installation complete.

    This tweak allows to view Flash based Content in Safari. Frash isn’t an app, there won’t be frash icon on homescreen.
    Installing Frash

  • Now, try to open website with flash content on it. You will see “flash” block around the flash content area.
    Flash on iOS
  • Simply tap the content block to enable flash on it. If you see several flash blocks on the website, tap each of them to enable it.

But it will not be fun when you see many “flash” blocks content on website, because you need to tap them one by one. Hence Frash isn’t becoming so effective to enable flash for iOS. Frash supports only below iOS 4.2.1. So, if you have iOS 4.2.1 or above firmware version installed, frash can’t work to enable flash on iOS.

Buying iSwifter Browser app for iPad is worth it, because iSwifter will render flash on safari smoothly.