How-to Install OpenSSH on iPhone

On October 17, 2010

The tutorial below will guide you how to Install OpenSSH on iPhone by using Cydia. What is OpenSSH ? Why should you install it on iPhone?
It’s recommended to have OpenSSH installed on iPhone to let you connect to iPhone using secure connection remotely. It requires jailbreak.

Before installing OpenSSH, you must have Cydia installed on iPhone. Read: How-to install Cydia, if you don’t have Cydia installed yet.

1. Open Cydia app on iPhone

2. It will open up Cydia app. Tap search to find package you want to install.

3. Type openssh to search OpenSSH package, tap openssh, then tap install.

4. Tap confirm to start installing and let the process running. Once finished, tap Return to Cydia.

Now, you have OpenSSH installed. You don’t need to perform anything to start or stop this service. It’s a daemon process which is running in the background. But now, you can connect to your iPhone remotely using SSH client such as WinSCP, putty, or any other SSH client.
The default username is: root and the default password is: alpine