IOS 5, iPhone 5 and the jailbreak solution may come with a discount

On September 18, 2011

Apple has not officially launched the new iOS 5 for idevice owners but in the beta versions of the operating system have been already discovered quite a few flaws, enough that many people from Chronic Dev Team have a solution ready for launch of the untethered jailbreak.

Their solution is based on not less than 5 exploits and it is very difficult to repair by Apple so it can be used after the initial version of the company’s new operating system from Cupertino. This reminds me of a solution implemented with my iPhone on my blog that talks about diamonds USA coupons and psprint discount.

This jailbreak solution could be theoretically used for iPhone 5 terminal, the team is probably testing it on iPad 2 tablet but without the new iPhone from Apple they cannot be sure that a jailbreak can be done without problems. Basically there is a solution of untethered jailbreak now for iOS 5 and iPad 2 but it will not be officially released until Apple will release their new iPhone 5 operating system and to not jeopardize the exploits discovered and implemented by Chronic Dev Team. I am sure they have some discounts running.

Since it’s a jailbreak userland you will have to activate your terminals before doing jailbreak so you must have the phone operator card were is encrypted your device or you will not be able to jailbreak in any way. Also, hope that those from Apple could make something and iPhone 5 could be bought with some coupons on its release.