iOS 5 – unable to make a backup from iCloud

On August 6, 2011

Starting with iOS 5 beta 1 we had access to iCloud service that allowed us to save our data from devices directly on Apple servers where we could download again later if necessary.

For bakcup to be made we needed the backup option to be activated from the menu of iOS 5 but in some cases this option does not work.

Some users could not backup the iOS 5 beta because iCloud told that their device cannot do backups so they could not save anything except through iTunes.

Searching on Google will not find any good answer to this problem and the solution consists of OTA update or restore to a new version of iOS 5 beta. A friend of mine had this problem with iOS5 beta 3 and only using an OTA update of iOS 5 beta 4 was able to solve all so in the future you know what to do if you have problems.

Unfortunately it is possible that Apple disabled the ability to backup through iCloud for old versions of iOS 5 beta, so make sure you always have installed the latest beta version, especially that beta 4 is the best so far.