iOS 7.0.4 revives a bug in the Photos application

On November 15, 2013


Announced a few weeks ago, iOS 7.0.4 was released by Apple for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, just two days after the launch of Retina Display with iPad Mini. The update released by Apple during those days resolved some problems for unabling to initiate FaceTime calls and that’s all. iOS 7.0.4 can be installed either using iTunes and restore/update options.

But even if lockscreen bugs are now fashionable, this version of the operating system revives a bug of the Photos application. The bug was first discovered in iOS 5 and displayed previews of deleted photos in the Camera Roll, but only after a PNG image with a transparent background was stored in it. Although previews were visible in the app, their access didn’t open the full picture, just a white/black picture being displayed.

Previews appear in various software that allows access to Camera Roll on the PC, but complete pictures were not there, the whole issue seemed to be related to a caching system of iOS. Of course, deleting these previews solves the problem, but only temporarily, because after saving a new PNG image with a transparent background they will reappear. It’s hard to say what was wrong in the new version of Apple’s operating system, but until a iOS update we will have to live with it, even if not all users are affected.