iOS 7 Allows Us To Control Devices Using Simple Head Movements

On June 27, 2013

One of the important iOS 7 updates is the ability to control our devices using simple head movements, Apple took over this part of the functionality available in the Samsung Galaxy S4.

If there could use gestures to browse the internet or a web page, here Apple gives us the ability to control almost any part of iOS’s using head movements to the left or right. Control method using head movements is part of the Control Switch, dedicated to a very small niche of uses.

Activating the Switch Control System from in Settings>General>Accessibility>Switch Control, you will need to access the Switches submenu, access the Select Item option and then choose the head movement that access its options. Separately, you can choose that each head movement to act in a certain order in iOS, but you will quickly discover that the functionality is not so great. Back to Switch Control, the system automatically highlights the various portions of the screen that users can respond using head movements.

To be honest, I think that in iOS 7 Apple demonstrates that can implement control methods in its devices using head movements, but what the company offers now is far from being intuitive or useful from any particular viewpoint.