iOS 7 – Jony Ive's Changes Will Substantially Affect The User Experience of Native Applications

On May 9, 2013

Last week we learned that Jony Ive is preparing to completely change our concept about iOS 7 and its native applications but today a former Apple employee, Ben Thompson, reminds us that changes will be substantial. Jony Ive controls the team that develops ‘human’ interface applications and the operating system, and this means that the user experience of iOS 7 will be profoundly changed by Ive, and we will fully feel these changes.

But there are a lot of product attributes that don’t have those sorts of measures. Product attributes that are more emotive and less tangible. But they’re really important. There’s a lot of stuff that’s really important that you can’t distill down to a number.

And I think one of the things with design is that when you look at an object you make many many decisions about it, not consciously, and I think one of the jobs of a designer is that you’re very sensitive to trying to understand what goes on between seeing something and filling out your perception of it.

Although at first glance it looks like Jony Ive is just planning to change the iOS 7 design, changes introduced by him include application functionality and here nobody said anything about what exactly are we going to see. We know that we are going to see major changes, we know that they will impress us even from the presentation, but unfortunately we do not know exactly what this major change from Apple is.

Despite this, we should not expect to see everything the concepts demonstrate, ie do not expect to see widgets, multitasking new systems, or other such things.