iOS 7 Tells You How Much Data Traffic Applications Consume

On September 20, 2013

One of the very important news that iOS 7 implemented in terms of managing the data connection is being able to visualize how much data traffic our applications made, but also system services.

Apple moved Cellular Data menu in the very first page of the Settings application, and inside it included a counter that tells us how much data traffic consumed iOS applications or system services. If you look at pictures of this article you’ll quickly realize that any of the applications of our devices is represented there if we use it without being connected to a Wi-Fi network and the interesting part is that we can choose to disable data connections for them.

Basically inside the Cellular menu will have a list of all available applications in our device, all of them having permission to use a cellular data network to connect to the internet, but when you press the button on the right you will prohibit their access. At that time all those applications will not be able to connect to the internet unless you go to a WiFi network, thus ensuring that you will not make additional traffic data, possibly without knowing that is already done.

Moving to information about services, I say that the first time we can see how mu h data traffic Siri made during its use, as data traffic is carried via iMessage, by receiving notifications via the sync documents through homescreen, or even Game Center. Until the launch of iOS 7 it was impossible to find similar information correctly, and no application from the App Store can now count the exact same things as accurately as does an internal iOS 7 counter