iOS 7 – When Changing

On March 18, 2013

iOS 7 is the next major version of the iOS operating system, and now, more than ever, people expect major changes at Apple, especially as Jony Ive took charge of the team that developed the operating system. In a time when Apple competitors adds various implements and new features in Android OS, iOS is stagnant, remains a stable operating system with its own benefits, but it still needs a change, needs some functions that has “wow” an effect.

I think this year, as it happened 2 years ago when iOS 5 was released, Apple will implement important features in iOS, but don’t think that the interface will be changed in any way. I believe that under the leadership of Jony Ive the design will be improved, will be slightly modified, but do not provide any major change in native applications. I think Apple has come back to the point where it had to implement major changes in iOS, especially iOS 6 has not made very many important things, and people blamed the company for this.

Although most people who buy Apple products don’t necessarily understand corporate philosophy functions such as controlling an enthusiastic gesture browser, implementing things like this is necessary. Apple also has the talent to make useful and functional features, Apple needs something like the iOS and I think that in 2013 will bring us many interesting things.

If we speculate about possible updates to the iOS 7, then I think Siri will get some new features and probably will work offline to control certain functions, I think Apple will implement some widgets we believe that we have a fingerprint reader or a NFC payment system, I think Apple will implement new functions for recording pictures or edit them, I think that Apple Maps will get new function and about the rest of it we will most likely find out more in the summer.