iOS 7 Will Contain Radical Design Changes

On April 30, 2013

Jony Ive for months the team leader that develops iOS 7 codenamed Innsbruck, and it seems that he has ordered a radical change in the operating system design. Several people, who had the opportunity to use iOS 7 or received information about it, say that the new design resembles to the Metro interface of Windows Phone and we talk about a “flat” design. iOS 7 will eliminate some of the “brilliance” of the current design and will remove the interface elements that resemble to real-world objects, changes affecting how everything works.

Jony Ive intended to eliminate a good portion of the items introduced by Scott Forstall, and this leads to a change on how certain applications works in iOS. The operating system would work about the same, one will have to learn a new way to use it, but the changes in some cases can be radical. We’re talking about design changes that affect functionality and how applications are used, but it is hard to say whether new features will be introduced in iOS 7.

iOS 7 native applications will have a new design, the tool bar will also be redesigned, tab bar’s will be part of the same changes and they do not stop there. Apple is testing the possible use of sideways swipes to access various functions of the operating system, in a manner similar to that available for the trackpad’s and Macs, but do not yet know whether this functionality will arrive in iOS 7 or not. An example is given for the expose system to display applications that has been tested for implementation in iOS 4, but in the end it was chosen the switcher task.

Basically for iOS 7 we expect a lot of changes that will provide an iOS with a new interface and for sure we will have a much improved user experience. I do not know how many of you hope that Apple can make radical changes in iOS, but here they will occur. Apple will present iOS 7 at the WWDC 2013 that could occur much earlier.