iOS 8 Infinity Concept shows an iOS 8 that you’ll probably love

On January 10, 2014

iOS 8 2

iOS 8 will be presented in about 6 months by Apple, but until then we will certainly learn many details about it, including information on possible design changes prepared by the company. Meanwhile we see a concept of iOS 8 which should turned into a theme for your iPhone or iPod Touch, it featuring an improved design for the current iOS 7 that Apple is trying to repair.

Well, Apple iOS 8 will definitely bring some substantial changes to the design, especially the icons and menus of operating system.

In this regard, a designer has created a concept for iOS 8, which we present it to you in the picture below, and who expect that Apple to transform it into reality starting this summer for application developers, and later in the fall to be completely available for users worldwide.

Users just got used to the new iOS 7 released by Apple a few months ago, but you know that in less than half a year already we will see the presentation of iOS 8, which will take place as usual in WWDC conference. Take a look below and let us know what you thing about the rumored iOS 8 interface.

iOS 8