iOS users prefer free games with ads to paid games

On April 1, 2014


If you are considering the pricing strategy of your next app then consider this, more iOS users prefer free games with ads over paying for a game that doesn’t include ads, this according to a new a new survey released by Wild Tangent.

The company surveyed 500 iOS users about their gaming habits and found that about 86 percent of respondents would rather play a free game with ads than spend money on an ad-free, paid title. 70% of respondents prefer free games supported by advertising, while 16% preferred freemium games, where you can purchase more levels if interested. Only 14% of respondents stated they preferred paying full price for a game.

Furthermore gamers prefer games that reward them for watching adds either through in game currency or other perks. What about you? Do you prefer ads or would you rather pay for an ad-free game. If you are a developer what is your strategy?