iPad 4 could be the result of poor sales of the iPad 3 and the pressure released by Microsoft Surface

On October 28, 2012

Introducing iPad 4 in October 23 it stunned the press and analysts, and many people are wondering what are the real reasons behind the launch of this product.

Well, if we look at the financial results for Q4 2012 Apple announced that the iPad tablet did not sell quite as well as they want to, Tim Cook blaming rumors for falling sales. Of course not just rumors can be brought into question for this fall in Q4 2012, the Microsoft Surface tablet is a good reason to update the iPad line of tablets.

Although Apple hides this upgrade behind the desire to implement the Lightning technology and brings users the best components for the iPad, the truth is that behind it lies fear of being overtaken by competitors. Until recently Apple had the courage to keep old hardware products on the market, whatever the competition launch, but this year things reached the level where it is no longer a profitable strategy. Apple probably lost some 3-4 millions possible sales in Q4 2012 and it has made them to take a serious look at what exists in the market and thus was born the iPad 4.

If the tablet would come to 1 year after the launch of iPad 3, there were no serious problems, but it comes just six months after the launch of iPad 3 and that has upset many customers. In the long term this strategy to launch products every six months will not be good for Apple customers, but if, competing companies will continue to put pressure on Apple is possible for us to see similar launches in the future.