iPad 5 could vibrate with a new Apple technology

On March 25, 2013

We all know that iPad tablets haven’t mounted a vibrator motor and the device size is probably the best indicator of the plea under which this technology is missing from the product. Even so, the people from Apple intends to make us tablets that vibrate and a new proprietary technology describes the entire process. Apple plans to use iPad tablet speaker or speakers to generate alerts based on user vibration, this technology is interesting and not too difficult to implement in such a product.

A dual channel audio coder decoder (codec) chip that has two output pins, which can be used to drive a pair of speakers in stereo mode, or a vibrator and a single speaker in mono mode. Each channel has its own Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) and audio power amplifier to receive an audio signal for driving a speaker.

Using these components for the audio play back, Apple aims to make it vibrate when you receive various notifications, but perhaps the same can be done for gaming, and other applications. Implementation of the vibration is not so important for owners of tablets, but Apple certainly will present innovative functionality but its usefulness can be very easily called into question by anyone.