iPhone 3.5G + Video – WOW!

On May 3, 2009

We’re about five weeks away from WWDC and, based on the PR piece to the left, it is fairly clear where the focus will be this year!

The working assumption (okay it is more than as assumption. That add screams "NEW iPHONE!!!!!") is that we’ll see the reveal of the next generation iPhone and a full look at the next iPhone OS.

Apple gave us a little taste of the next OS and it looks… well… yummy. Stereo Bluetooth, Cut and Paste, push notification, native landscape keyboards and much, much more.

Add to that the fact that Apple recently order 3 and 5 megapixel camera lens’ and rumors are the next iPhone will have a slightly more powerful processor and you get a hardware/firmware update that will make most of us run to grab a new device. Then there are the rumors.


Among the most exciting rumors making the rounds is the possibility that as Business Week put it,



Business Week


The article, based on "sources" and "speculation" not hard facts, succests that Apple will use the iPhone to jump into the handheld video recording world in a big way. Better still, the article suggests the iPhone won’t just SHOOT video but make it simple to edit and post video on the go. It is an interesting read and I, for one, hope it is right.