iPhone 3G+ – How Soon Is Soon?

On June 4, 2009

Okay, so we all know that new hardware is coming. We’ve heard the rumors, seen the spyshots and have Uncle Walt Mossberg stating that it is on the way in no uncertain terms. So that leaves two questions. First, what will the ACTUAL specs be? Second, WHEN????

The first question can be answered definitively. We’ll know the specs of the new handset when Apple’s good and ready. There can be all the leaks in the world but until Apple actually unveils the thing it is all guesswork. Period. Hopefully WWDC IS when Apple is good and ready but we’ll know for sure if that is the case… when Apple is good and ready.

The second is harder to answer.

This much we know…

Apple announced the original iPhone months before it was actually available and at this time last year supplies of the iPhone were all but gone yet the actual device wasn’t released until mid July.

It wouldn’t be that much of a surprise for Apple to announce the iPhone next week at WWDC or some time after but not actually RELEASE it until July once again and yet…

One has to wonder if, as AppleInsider is reporting, companies like Carphone Warehouse, a huge independent European retailer and official iPhone reseller, would have already updated their inventory systems almost a month and a half early. Maybe, just maybe the buzz over the Pre has Apple releasing the new iPhone a bit early than it might otherwise choose to.

One thing is for sure, we’ll know the answer for sure… when Apple is good and ready.