iPhone 4 Cases that are worth checking out

On August 17, 2011

One of the best things to do after buying an iPhone is to accessorize it.

Some buy phone cases while others get speakers for their iPhones. Should you be interested in getting your hand on an iPhone case, here are some that we think might be worth your time and money.

iPhone 4 Lifeproof Case

First of all, the price tag of $69.95 may be a bit steep to some people especially because that price is one-third of the cost of a new 16GB iPhone 4 with contract. However, what the case does is that it protects the phone from any unwanted disaster such as falling underwater (up to 2m) as well as fall from height of 2 meters.

Tuned Up iPhone Case by Fred







Though it might look absurd to anyone that is looking at its user, this case by Fred looks cool nonetheless. It also acts as a stand for those wanting to watch videos with it. At a price of $19.99, it costs a lot less as compared with the one above.


Strapya Chocolatier’s iPhone 4 Chocolate Case

Are you an iPhone user and at the same time a chocolate addict? In that case, then go ahead and buy Strapya Chocolatier’s iPhone 4Chocolate Case because it does not only look like chocolate but even smell like one! It comes in multiple flavors, if you wish, such as strawberry, white, milk, dark and a few other types of chocolates. It doesn’t cost much as well as the cheapest costs only $10.90.