iPhone 4 Costs $188.

On June 28, 2010

iSuppli used the disassembly of the iPhone by iFixit last week to estimate the cost for Apple of putting the iPhone 4 together.  They estimate the cost to be $188 to manufacture the latest version of the iPhone.

We know what your thinking.  We’re thinking the same thing, and yes, that is really low.  It just shows you how well Apple has gotten at working out their deals for bulk quantity orders for the parts they need.  It also shows how much money they probably brought into the company in those first 3 days.  By our calculations that should be just over 500 million (528.7 to be exact), assuming the average iPhone was $499 (AT&T subsidizes the cost to apple), and subtracting the $188 manufacture costs.  Not a bad start for 3 days!