iPhone 4.0 Feature List

On April 8, 2010

The newest version of the iPhone OS is looking more and more like a real operating system.

Not only is Apple adding Multitasking and 7 new multitasking API’s including:  background audio, voice over IP (VOIP), background location, push notifications, local notifications, task completion, and fast app switching, but they are also adding a number of other great enhancements.  Some of the more interesting ones that we are excited about include;

Folders – your now able to drag apps into folders and create groups of apps, you can change folder names so its super easy to group similar types of apps together.

in-App Networking – Apple is providing an easy to use API for developers to handle creating network based interaction, this includes games, social networking, and anything else that app developers want to do on a network level.  Standardizing this makes a lot of sense and removes a lot of the difficulty for current developers in setting up that environment.

Build In Mail update – a new unified inbox will be available and the capacity for more than one Exchange account.  They have also added threaded viewing and the ability to open attachments in 3rd party apps.

iBookstore will be made available to iPhone users including syncing of the current page location and setting bookmarks for reading the same book on multiple devices (iPad and iPhone).

4.0 also gets new Enterprise features which include compatibility with Server 2010, SSL VPN, wireless app distribution, and mobile device management.

iAd – the new API for Apples mobile advertising network is made available to developers at a 60/40 revenue split with developers.  Thats one of the best rates in the mobile ad industry.

Unfortunately, unless your sporting the latest 3GS or late 2009 32 or 64 GB iPod (or of course an iPad), you will not be able to upgrade to 4.0.  I guess that means a lot of 3G iPhones are about to show up on eBay!

iPhone OS 4.0 will be coming to the iPad sometime in the fall.