iPhone 5 battery just slightly more capacity than iPhone 4S

On August 12, 2012

With a larger or a taller profile, you would expect that the iPhone 5 would have a much higher capacity for its battery. In fact, that added space due to the new design as well as the use of a smaller connector dock would have provided more rooms for the manufacturer to create a better battery for the iPhone. However, if you think that the iPhone 5 will have more battery capacity than the iPhone 4S, you might be partially correct on that one.

It seems that from a collection of photos published by 9to5Mac, the battery for the iPhone 5 will feature only 10mAh higher as compared with its predecessor. This is because while the iPhone 4S comes with a 1,430 mAh, the iPhone 5 is said to have a rating of 1,440 mAh. This in return, isn’t much but if this is really true, then it could mean some battery life problem for the user.

The iPhone will feature a longer profile and thus a taller screen. When this happens, it will take more power as compared with the iPhone 4S. With this being said and done, 10mAh won’t cut it because that amount won’t compensate for the increase in battery consumption.