IPhone 5 launch, set for September 5

On July 26, 2011

The figures are important when it comes to the most important product of the company. Apple could not launch the iPhone 5 on 12 September. Didn’t look good at all.

September 5 is the right date possible, even if dropped on a Tuesday. This is the latest and more credible rumor about the iPhone 5 launch. It say that way because the international press stop at this name, despite the fact that in books is known as iPhone 4S.

About September I heard in the past but this time it was also mentioned in the rumor the launch day in the United States. Some rumors say the iPhone 5 will have metal housing.

I said the launch from the United States as the world will officially get the phone later. United States is a priority market for Apple. The company’s Cupertino next Smartphone could appear overseas after one month. It speaks of a European launch of iPhone 5 on 5 October.

For those who have not watched the show of the iPhone 5 rumors is expected to come with the new A5 dual core processor, a camera with 8 MP sensor and a larger screen than the iPhone 4. Stay tuned for more news!