iPhone 5 launched in the second week of September, iPad 3 launched in November

On July 28, 2011

It seems these days have break the pipeline of information about the iPhone 5 as a publication in China announced that Apple will launch the new terminal in the first half of September.

The Chinese say that during September 6 to 15 were chosen to launch iPhone 5 and if they are right then the device will be officially launched on September 9 or 16 for both days are Friday and Apple always released its products on Friday until now.

The information presented by the Chinese people are in accordance with the increasing the employing workforce in the Apple stores over the same period so now it seems that we have an informal timeline set for launch of the iPhone 5. Apple would prepare an initial stock of 4 million units and 400,000 units for launch to be thoroughly tested before the official launch.

    Long-awaited new iPhone plan for the second week of September (September 6 to 15) choose the directory, the first batch of 400 one million units in terms of shipments, component suppliers this week Will Ship Before trial production of 400 000 units.

Regarding the iPad 3 tablet, the Chinese claim that it will be released around the time when Americans celebrate the November 24 Thanksgiving Day. The iPad tablet released sooner but, according to the China Times, the problems with stock components would be determined by Apple to delay the launch for a few weeks. From my point of view launching an iPad 3 tablet in the fall is inappropriate given that the iPad 2 still sells very well, but Apple broke their tradition this year so anything is possible.