iPhone 5 Lightning controller cracked

On October 10, 2012

Previously, we have covered quite a few things about the Lightning cable for the iPhone 5. One of it is that there weren’t any third-party cables due to the controller chips inside it. The controller chips authenticate the cable to ensure that the cable are originally from Apple and not taken from any other sources instead. While we expect the cable to be cracked, we didn’t expect it so soon.

A Chinese firm called iPhone5mod is already offering docks as two separate products: one with the traditional white color and the other with a lighted USB-to-Lightning cable and a white dock. After contacted by MacRumors, the firm mentioned that the chips present inside their products were the original Lightning controller chips purchased from Apple’s suppliers. In addition to that, cracked chips that bypass the authentication functions have also been obtained. This means that users can expect products using more cracked chips in the future, instead of Apple’s original so that the cost of the product stays low.

With this being said and done, Apple will still be getting a lot of money from manufacturers such as Belkin or other big names. However, as far as Chinese products are concerned, it will most probably make use of these cracked chips instead.