iPhone 5 Performances After Jailbreak

On March 9, 2013

Few months ago I said that iPhone 5 will have good performance even after implementing a jailbreak and use Cydia tweaks which are consuming more resources. Less than a month after the launch of evasi0n I sustain what I’ve said and the iPhone 5 is the first iPhone capable of supporting advanced functionality implemented by tweaks. If on the iPhone 4S, installing some tweaks like SBSettings, Winterboard, Dashboard X, X IntelliScreen, LockInfo, etc, would significantly reduce terminal performance, the iPhone 5 will not happen the same thing.

With a dual-core of 1.3 GHz, highly optimized for iOS, and 1 GB RAM, iPhone 5 is able to cope tweaks and applications from Cydia without compromising on performance. From my point of view, the hardware started to catch up with user demands and A7 chip which would reach the iPhone 5S will make things more beautiful for those who do jailbreak, and more.  Stay tuned for more information about this. From your point of view, what experience have you had with iPhone 5 performances in iOS 6.x after jailbreak?