iPhone 5S and iOS 7 – Fingerprint Reader, Keeping The Home Button Design

On August 20, 2013

Obtaining confirmation from multiple sources within Apple or close to the company, the people at 9to5mac said tonight that inside the iPhone 5S device is to be found a fingerprint reader.

Although it was said that the Home button of iPhone 5S to be convex, it seems that Apple will keep the design intact, the reader functioning smoothly even with this design. Moreover, the fingerprint reader would work much better than those implemented in other smartphones and tablets, but will not allow us to pay our bills, at least not from the time of release.

Regarding iPad tablets, unfortunately beta versions proved to be problematic, and yet the development of iOS 7 tablets do not meet the schedule set by Apple. The company’s engineers are constantly working to prepare iOS 7 for iPad, but chances are pretty good that the final build not to work perfectly right from the start. The same problem seems that Apple has for iPhone 4, the company making the hardware device that has trouble to properly run iOS 7. Although there is the possibility that Apple will not launch iOS 7 for iPhone 4 this fall, yet the company is trying hard to solve the problems, but it could always drop this idea, just as it did in the case of iPhone 3G’s.

Regarding future versions of iOS, should be mentioned that iOS 7.0.1, iOS 7.1 and iOS 8.0 is already in the process of development, the latter version being part of the slightest attention from the company. Although we talk about rumors, they generally turn out to be true, so do not be surprised if iOS 7 for iPad will work hard, and will not exist for iPhone 4.