iPhone 5S Available for Preorder on June 20 – According to a Mobile Operator

On April 29, 2013

iPhone 5S, the future Smartphone from Apple, would be available for preorder on July 20, according to an internal document of the KDDI Japanese mobile operator. The document was intended only to employees of the company and it implies that the device would be released in July along with iOS 7, but for now it is not known exactly on what date. This information contradicts rumors from last week, and also Tim Cook, who said that Apple hasn’t prepared an important launch until the fall.

In the above picture you will see the document containing the above information, but of course nobody knows how authentic it is. Chances are that 50% the document is real and 50% chance of it to be false, but for now we do not know anything for sure. What we know for sure is that Apple doesn’t launch iOS 7 without giving the developers at least one/two month for testing, and yet the new version of iOS hasn’t been submitted by the company and if this does not happen in the next two weeks, then the iPhone 5S presentation on June 10 at the start of WWDC 2013 is impossible.

If however iOS 7 will be introduced soon and preorders for the iPhone 5S will begin on June 20, then it is possible that on June 29 or July 6 to be officially launched.