iPhone 5S would include a fingerprint reader and NFC chip

On March 11, 2013

Last week we told you that American analysts believe that Apple is going to implement a fingerprint reader in iPhone 5S and new information published today confirm this, but suggests possible implementation of a NFC chip. Apple is expected to use these two technologies to allow users to make mobile payments safe, the components combination is the first of its kind that would be available in a smartphone.

     Packaging and testing giant Chipbond Science and Technology (6147) Will this year be the big mouth to bite! Apple’s next-generation iPhone 5S Will Be the first to import the built-in the touch IC core integrated touch display driver IC (TDDI), and for the first time to support wireless near field communication (NFC) fingerprint Chipbond exclusive to win TDDI seal Measured, NFC sense of Fingerprint Sensor IC gold bumps large orders.

Fingerprint reading sensor would work with the iPhone 5S touch screen, according to this rumor, but U.S. analysts say that it falls below the Home button. Yet no one knows for sure how this component will be implemented in iPhone 5S, but now seems pretty clear that Apple is testing prototypes that implemented even a fingerprint reader, but on NFC cannot say too much, rumors regarding the implementation of this technology are quite old, we should wait and see.