iPhone 5S Would Include A Higher Capacity Battery

On August 18, 2013

We already know that iPhone 5S will include a lot of interesting and important features, and one of them is a high capacity battery.

Basically, in the iPhone 5S is expected to be implemented a 1600 mAh battery with 156 mAh higher than that of the iPhone 5, so we’re talking about a 10% credit for energy storage capacity. Of course there is a significant increase, but if this increase in storage capacity will have a direct effect on battery life then we are talking about adding 40 minutes of usage to our devices.

If the higher battery is placed just because Apple intends to implement several components in their devices, then we can’t expect an increase in battery life, but we can expect it to remain intact, or possibly decrease, depending on consumption.

I know many of you expected a bigger battery in the iPhone’s, and I would like to see something from Apple too, but without increasing the size of devices is difficult to put larger batteries in them, especially because year after year they are making them thinner.