iPhone 6 And Its Ideal Compromise

On June 1, 2013

A few days ago, a concept of the iPhone 5S was introduced in which it was suggested the idea that Apple could implement a 4.8 inch screen in the housing of an iPhone 5 without increasing the size of the terminal. I do not know if Apple can manage to introduce a screen so big in a case so small, but a 4.5 inch screen can make it’s place there and people would very much enjoy it, not to mention that it also attracts Android fans, fans who really want bigger screens.

There are many people who want big screens, but do not want devices as big as a plate, and would be willing to give up buying a Android of 4.8 – 5 inch in favor of an iPhone of 4.5-inch screen. If Apple could bring to market such a device could grab a good portion of the Samsung market even very many current owners of iPhones would be happy. Most would not be pleased of the implementation of a larger screen size as the iPhone dimensions would increase, but if Apple could squeeze the screen in the current iPhone 5 case, very few would complain.

I don’t like to say that Apple will not implement larger screens of 4.5 inches for sure because it may will, but I think that this change will come only with the iPhone 6 next year, the company will let two years to pass between changing resolutions for applications, same thing happening in the transition to the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 resolution.