iPhone 6 concepts that might come true [Video]

On November 25, 2013


So far I think we’ve seen dozens of concepts for the new iPhone 6, as we are already looking forward to next year when Apple should release it, along with a new design and a larger screen.

Well, today we have another concept that we can class in the top 10 most interesting concepts and hopefully Apple to release something in 2014.

The author of the concept is Arthur Reis and presents an iPhone 6 design inspired by the iPad Mini tablet. The new look of the phone is spectacular, but we cannot say the same about the specifications from the mind of concept’s author, so you can ignore them.

Next, we found out from various rumors that Apple intends to implement a screen larger than 4 inches in its future device and designers who created these videos have used their imagination to show us what could be the future of the Apple devices. To be honest, some of them are really successful and would probably succeed on the market if Apple would officially launch them, but it remains to see what the company prepared for us.