iPhone accessories for better entertainment

On September 25, 2011

The iPhone is an especially fun device simply because it has tons of games from a lot of different genres. In addition to the games on the device, there are other accessories that could further enhance the level of entertainment on the iPhone. This is what makes the iPhone a wonderful device.

JOYSTICK-IT Arcade Stick for iPhone

There are a lot of games that would be better with a joystick such as Gun Bros and a few others. If you feel this way, why not buy a joystick in the first place? The JOYSTICK-IT Arcade Stick for iPhone costs only $12.99. It further enhances the gaming experience and it can work with a lot of games (thousand in fact!). To those games that has slots for two joysticks, you can get another one so that it would bring the perfect gaming experience! Most of all, it is safe for your device’s screen.

my3D iPhone/iPad 3D Viewer

The iPhone doesn’t come with 3D support, that is until you use the my3D iPhone/iPad 3D Viewer. It works pretty much like the old 3D viewer that was once famous. Currently it works only with a handful of apps that are compatible with the my3D viewer. Some of these apps are free while some of these are premium contents. The cost for it is only $24.99.