iPhone bestselling smartphone device in the upcoming holidays

On December 19, 2011

It is to no doubt that the iPhone is one of the best smartphones in the market and with hundreds of millions of these phones being sold over the past few years, it is singlehandedly the most sought after phones in the market. During all of its initial release, the iPhone managed to get sold out in not only the United States but in many other countries as well.

This upcoming holiday is the time for gifts and smartphones being given as gifts for the loved ones is anything but uncommon. GfK reported that the iPhone 4S was one of the most sold smartphone devices with one in every four smartphones sold is an iPhone 4S. This figure includes the past four weeks before December 9. The research was also done in the United Kingdom, one of the first few countries that managed to get the iPhone in its early launch.

The second smartphone at the throne on the other hand is no other than the iPhone’s bitter rival, the Samsung Galaxy S II which has similar specifications to the iPhone albeit being powered by the Android OS by Google. This particular phone has been sold earlier than the iPhone but the demand for it still lasts which is definitely an amazing feat as well.