iPhone coming up on Sprint networks

On August 24, 2011

Previously, the iPhone was made exclusive only with AT&T but now is not the case anymore. The company had opened up to a lot more carriers, thus, giving users a variety of mobile phone service providers for them to choose from.

Previously, Sprint Nextel was not one of the providers listed by Apple to sell their iPhones but recently, a report came up with a surprise: the iPhone 5 will be made available on Sprint networks. This claim was done by anonymous sources and was published by the Wall Street Journal as an exclusive.

As much as it would benefit Sprint subscribers, the release of the iPhone may bring about some headache for both its end-users and the network itself. The 3G network will definitely be taking its toll after the iPhone is released as users will rely heavily on it in the future. In addition to that, experts also speculated that with the release of the iPhone, Sprint may have to withdraw its unlimited data plan or possibly put a quota for its users.

In addition to that, the move may also put some financial strain on Sprint especially when the requirement of subsidizing the iPhone is high. AT&T was reported to subsidize roughly $400 for the iPhone 4 and it may be to no surprise that Sprint may also need to do the same to keep the price of the iPhone low and affordable for its users.