Screencast: iPhone Provisioning: Running Development Code On Your iPhone — $5

On October 20, 2009

Spend Hours With The Docs Or < 10 Minutes With This $5 Screencast

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It’s a hassle getting development code running on an iPhone. There are lots of moving parts, all of which have to come together perfectly in order to deploy to your own iPhone.

By walking dozens of new developers through the process in my Beginning iPhone Development Class I’ve gotten it down to a short, seven minute process. This screencast that walks you through it step by step.

Click To Buy: $5 (PayPal). Instant Download

Praise For This Screecast:

Nice Screencast! — Geoffrey Grosenbach, Peepcode Screencasts

Reading through [Apple’s] material I got as far as “sacrifice your first-born” and gave up. Your video made sense and made it simple. My first-born and I thank you. — John Oakley

From This Screencast:

Click To Buy: $5 (PayPal). Instant Download

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