iPhone Development Screencasts from The Pragmatic Programmers

On October 10, 2008

v-bdiphone.jpg The Pragmatic Programmers – a popular independent publisher – has recently become well known for putting out some excellent, high quality screencasts, especially in the Ruby space. With the lifting of Apple’s iPhone NDA, they’ve got straight into producing some great screencasts for iPhone developers!

Writing Your First iPhone Application (video preview) provides three hours of “guided instruction by an iPhone development expert” – specifically Bill Dudney. There are five episodes in the series, each costing $5. A free screencast called “Getting Started with Xcode and Interface Builder” is also available to whet your appetite (QuickTime link / iPhone link).

The screencasts assume a basic working knowledge of Objective C and Cocoa, although the Pragmatic Programmers reassure us that following along shouldn’t be a problem if you at least have object-oriented programming experience generally. Fingers crossed!

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