iPhone Game– “The Activation Maze”

On June 27, 2008


 The goal of the game is simple-

…run through the gauntlet of AT&T confusion, the Apple mis-communication to achieve 3G iPhone Activation bliss.


The game offers three player-modes-

"I have one and want to upgrade"- mode

"I’m eligible and want an iPhone"- mode

"I have to pay WHAT for this thing?!?!"- mode


Each game comes with its own, ever-changing rules, most of which you will need to guess. 

Game Price- $199 for 8GB, $299 for 16GB

Game Availability- July 11th (unless it changes)


Who better than AT&T and Apple to create a game-as challenging as it is frustrating; as ever-changing as it is infuriating! 

Yes, the iPhone activation news keeps rolling in- this time The iPodObserver is noting that-

 iPhone 3G customers in the United States may have to deal with a two-part activation process and not just an in-store activation when buying their new combination iPod and smartphone on July 11. New service contracts may also require a second step to complete the activation process and set up access to the App Store…

Kinda makes you long for the good old days where you bought your iPhone at the Apple Retail store, went home, hooked it up to your computer, fired up iTunes and went on your merry way!