iPhone going dead then reviving.

On April 11, 2009

     I was working away today quietly on a paper.  The kids were not bothering me, wife was napping, television was off.  I was not getting any calls, emails, or texts.  It was actually quite productive and peaceful.  I decided to take  a break and pressed the home key on my phone.  Not sure why, just what I do.  Well, my little friend did not awaken from its nap.  I clicked and clicked.  Pressed all of the buttons.  Tried a restart.  Still sleeping.  I would have attempted CPR, but couldn’t get an unobstructed breathing way!  I tried calling my phone.  The first time it did not ring, but showed the answer screen.  When I tried to answer it went blank again.  After that time, if I called it would ring, but screen stayed black.  Next, I plugged into my computer.  It made the charging sound and synced, but still had a dark screen.  Once everything was synced, I did a complete restore.  To my relief, the screen came back on.  Once the restore was done and phone synced, the world was back to normal.  Or was it?


     One big annoyance, besides the obvious panic attack, during these moments is the fact that your apps reinstall in alphabetical order.  I had my home page so perfect and comfortable.  Now, it looks like I am staring at someone elses iPhone.  One of those, "I don’t even know you anymore!" relationship moments.  Now, of course my phone works again and all should be well.  That just brings me to another issue I have that I pray is changed in 3.0.

     Moving apps around on the iPhone is an annoying daunting task!  Half the time while I’m draggin an icon from page to page, it escapes my finger grip.  It jumps back in line in the totally wrong spot, on the totally wrong page.  This bumps another poor icon out the back door to another page and sets off a chain reaction.  I’m not looking forward to setting my apps back how I like them.  Apple!  You are the king of user interface!  The jiggling icon move is not friendly!  I would give up cut and paste to be able to categorize and arrange my icons how I want to without any problems! 

     Off my soapbox now!  Tell us what you think!  Anyone have to revive their iPhone?  Who likes to move their apps around?  Lets discuss!