iPhone OS 3.0 Features Are…

On March 17, 2009

With over 1,000 new API’s for developers and over 100 new features for users, Apple’s new upcoming iPhone OS 3.0 is looking like the answer to many users wishes…  Some of the most interesting features…

Push Notification – Applications can use a third party server to push text, audio, and other alerts from applications.

MMS – Picture messaging

Peer-to-Peer Connectivity – iPhones can connect to one another using Bonjour over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.  Imagine sharing data between phones, or playing games.

Cut, Copy, Paste – need I say more?

A2DP – Stereo bluetooth anyone?

Turn by Turn – developers can use this for new GPS directions.

In-App Sales – Apps can sell upgrades, data, new levels, inside the app itself.

Search – System wide seach across all installed applications.

3rd Party Apps for Accessories – Accessory manufacturers can create applications that work and interface with their own hardware.

The new 3.0 OS is available to all registered developers immediately.  The upgrade will be available to iPhone users sometime this summer.

Apples full list of upgrades can be viewed here…