Joey Needs An iPhone…

On March 23, 2009

I have long seen myself as an iPhone evangalist.

I truly think it is the best handheld device available and, with each OS update it keeps getting better.

Sure, my wife went back to her Palm Centro after using an iPhone for a few weeks but, for the most part, my record of helping motivate people to make the move to iPhone has been pretty good.

In fact, I discovered yesterday that I’m having more impact than I thought. Here’s the set-up-

My sister’s kids, 7 year old twins, live in Boston but have been down a few times lately. When we go out to dinner I bring both my iPhone and Touch so one can use each. We went out to dinner and they went back o my parent’s house for the night. That’s when this exchange, reported by my sister took place…

When we got back to Mom and Dad’s house last night, Talia was really upset because Joey said that he was too tired to act in a play that the two of them had prepared.

Trying to convince him, Talia begged, "Please, Joey, I’ll give you anything you want."

"Anything?" asked Joey.

"Yes, anything" begged Talia.

"OK, then, the only thing I want is an IPhone," said Joey.



 I KNEW he was a brilliant kid!