Jott… You’ve Been Great, But reQall May Have Stolen My Heart

On July 14, 2008

I’ve had a relationship with Jott since it first came out.  I have really loved using it and could not have been more excited to see that Jott had a free application available for the iPhone.

During my courtship with Jott there have been a few potential flings, but nothing ever came of them. There was the brief time I spent with Sandy was amazing on one level- I could call and speak in a natural way, my message would be transcribed (allowing me to set up reminders, tasks and other notes just using my voice).

The issues with Sandy were too numerous for anything serious to ever come of it. Sandy didn’t have an iPhone optimized website and when I reached out to her for (Tech) Support she never called me back. Not a good way to start a relationship. So back to Jott I went and, fortunately, Jott was willing to take me back.

Today, however, I discovered reQall. Actually, I REdiscovered reQall the way you reconnect with a childhood friend who you haven’t seen since you were seven. I had met reQall in her first iteration, but she seemed a bit too "limited" for me to really be interested in her. Today’s reQall is an entirely different being.

At first I had trouble getting in touch with reQall (it was my fault not hers.) I emailed reQall for Support and heard back within an hour. It took a few email exchanges for me to fix what I had done. reQall was responsive the entire time. Take that Sandy!!

I was finally able to log into my reQall account. WOW!














The interface is slick. It looks great and is easy to use. Tasks are broken down into "Today", "Soon" and "Overdue". A flick of the finger brings me to the next screen.














There I find "Notes", "Shopping List", and "Tasks". A simple three-part breakdown that will work very well for me. Another flick of the finger brings me to "People… Remember Who…"














This is an incredibly powerful feature. With the work I do it will come in handy. I will write about it  in the full review, after I have had more experience with it.

reQall looks great but the clincher was this- when I call Jott, I can speak for just 15 seconds.  With reQall…

I get a full 30 seconds of recording time. That’s a huge difference. That alone would make me look twice at reQall.

So, I’m going to use reQall for the next few days. I’ll see if the transcription is as good as Jott’s.  Dimitri and I will see how the process of sharing things with one another via reQall plays out. Then I’ll write a full review.

reQall and I have started something and while I’m not quite sure where it is headed, at least for now, it’s looking good!



I may have found the iPhone organizer I have been looking for all along.