Last-minute rumors on iPhone 5

On September 12, 2012

The iPhone 5 is set to be released later today but a little bit of rumors won’t hurt much. In fact, there are some new things that we have found out in the blogosphere and it involves the docking connector, the Earpod as well as some added information on other devices that will be announced along with the iPhone 5.

First of all, the docking connector will have quite an interesting name to it. The company is said to call the new connector with the name Lightning. As mentioned by 9to5Mac, the moniker might be due to match the Thunderbolt which is already a fast connector present on the Mac. In addition to that, an adapter will also be released so that it will support the old 30-pin connector as well. Besides the Lightning connector, a newly designed earphone will also be released with the iPhone. Named Earpod, this earphone will replace the old one but retains the $29 price tag.

Last but not least, the iPod Touch and the iPod Shuffle will be redesigned as well. This comes as a good news considering that it has been quite some time since these two devices have been updated.  With less than 6 hours to go, it is definitely looking quite interesting.