Marbly: new iOS game by Tetris author hits the App Store

On June 3, 2013

Alexey Pajitnov has been in the games business for long but few follow-ups of his world hit Tetris game have rocked the headlines. His latest, Marbly, is a bit different and has turned the tables. Marbly is Pajitnov’s first game that’s exclusively designed with mobile devices in mind. Published by Whitesnake Software, it has just hit the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Tetris became famous in the late eighties/ early nineties through its connection with the Nintendo Game Boy handheld console. Its originally intended machine, though, was the Russian Electronika-60, and later the PC. Therefore, as much as Tetris has had success on the portable platform, it wasn’t initially intended as a mobile game.

30 years after Tetris, Marbly has been released entirely for mobile gamers. The game is a match-three one and plays slightly like marble solitaire, as you have to clear the board of all balls. However, there is a twist. You don’t leap over marbles to remove them; instead you move similarly colored marbles along straight lines vertically, horizontally or diagonally. A complete puzzle earns you coins for unlocking more puzzle sets.

Marbly also comes with in-app purchase containing hints, undos, restarts and complete solutions at a cost of real cash.

Marbly [iTunes link]