Mini Projector for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

On November 1, 2011

There are a lot of accessories for the iPhone. Some are expensive while others can be considered cheap. Previously, we saw accessories consisting of telescope which uses the camera available on the iPhone but now we take it up a notch but showing you a mini projector that works superbly with Apple most loved device.

In Japan, a company by the name of Thanko has created an iPhone accessory different than what companies today offer which is a mini projector for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. This mini projector allows the user to project a 25 inch screen from a distance of a meter away. It may not be as good as a full-fledged projector but nonetheless it would be a fine addition to people of different backgrounds.

For example, this mini projector can be used in case of a simple presentation which needs to be done on the spot. In addition to that, it can also be used to watch movies from the videos available in the iPhone or the iPad. The device connects to the iPhone using the slot available at the bottom of the iPhone and then transmits the image. It is currently available at a Japanese online store at a cost of $200 or you can get it from a Chinese online store at only $88.