Missionboard Pro a good replacement for app switcher

On September 10, 2012

Admit it, the app switcher feature that is available on the iOS is anything but attractive. It is easy to use though as you can easily get from one application to the other with ease. Suffice to say that it gets the job done. However, if you think that you are getting bored of it or just want a new way of switching from one app to the other, you might just want to take a look at Missionboard Pro. It is a jailbreak app which changes the way you switch applications on your iOS device.

Missionboard Pro is created by John Coates along with collaboration with Joost to make his concept video a reality. There are basically two versions of the Missionboard which is the free version and the Missionboard Pro. The difference between these two versions is that the Pro version comes with features such as volume control, orientation toggle, Airplay control and much more.

If you want to give it a try, you need to make sure that your device has already been jailbreak and comes with Cydia installed as well. It comes at a price tag of just $2.99 and if you are wondering if it would work for the iPad, it doesn’t.