More Powerful iPhone Rumors Buoyed By Job Listing – News Of The Day

On May 21, 2009

Rumors are one thing… jobs listings a very different animal entirely. I wouldn’t be shocked if some of the rumors that have been spilling out have been started by Apple themselves. They tend to do a far better job than anone else at keeping us guessing until THEY are ready to spill the beans.

All that goes to say that ANY rumor is little mroe than prognostication at this point.

But rumors are one thing… and job listings a very different one.

I very much doubt Apple would use job listings to throw off the rumor mongers and, according to SlashGear, a new job listing reveals what has been widely speculated but not yet confirmed… the next iPhone will have a better, fast processor.


 As SolSie explains…

For non techies: the requirements suggest that the next gen iPhone will use an ARMv7 Cortex processor rather than the ARMv6 processor as found in the current iPhone 3G and iPod touch, as NEON is the extended multimedia acceleration instruction set associated with the newer, faster CPU. The above information is in line with the leaked specs we published earlier about video recording & editing capability.

Does that mean background apps? Doubtful… yet. But once Apple sees the impact the Palm Pre’s ability to multitask has on its claim to smartphone dominance something tells me things will change… and in a hurry.