Movie Wedge Review

On October 9, 2009

Every once in a while, a product comes along that you see and say to yourself "why didn’t I think of that".  That is what happened to me when I got my hands on the Movie Wedge.

Basically, the Movie Wedge is a minature bean bag with a triangular shape and a thick bottom lip.  After placing the Wedge on your desk, lap, dashboard, whatever, you can place your iphone on it and it will hold it at a 45 degree angle for easy viewing.  The iPhone/Touch can be placed either vertically or horizonatally so it works well for both movies and / or GPS.

I thought I would test the Movie Wedge in my car using one of the GPS applications recently released to see how well it held up on my dashboard.  After doing some pretty serious turns (don’t ask how fast, but my small, light Turbo engine can really push some torque around those u-turns), I was very surprised to see that the Movie Wedge didn’t move, or let go of my iPhone.

After picking up some other items that had fallen off during my turns, I decided to put the Movie Wedge on my center panel and realized what I liked most about this iPhone accessory.  The fact that its a bean bag type of design means that it will "mold" its shape to all of the curves and awkward spaces of my cars interior.  This makes it hold its place pretty well.  Of course after testing it in the car, all the other places (table, desk, lap), easily keep the Movie Wedge stable.

The other thing I liked about the design is the material that is used.  Is a very soft microfiber type of material, which cleans the screen pretty well.

Its definately worth the $9.95 retail price, and if your like me and like to prop up your phone in the car or when your watching something on YouTube, the MovieWedge is a must!

If you want to pick one up, you can do that online at