Mozilla ceases all development of Firefox Home for iOS

On September 4, 2012

Just over two years after the introduction of Firefox Home for iOS, Mozilla has officially pulled the plug on the project.

Mozilla’s Firefox Home was the firm’s attempt to have a presence on Apple’s IOS. First introduced in July 2010, the free app used Firefox Sync to give users access to the bookmarks, history and open tabs from their most recent desktop Firefox session on their mobile devices. Now however the mobile app for iOS-based devices has been removed it from Apple’s iTunes App Store, with no chance of return.

Mozilla recently announced it was ceasing active development of its Thunderbird messaging client and now the firm said it will divert resources from Firefox Home to other projects, though it didn’t say which ones. If we were to guess however we would say that perhaps Mozilla will use the extra resources from Firefox Home to maintain its six-week release schedule for its Firefox web browser.

As Mozilla cuts down on the number of projects, the source code for Firefox Home has been uploaded to Github with the outfit saying the code is free from any Mozilla trademarks and ready for independent development.