Must have iPhone applications for designers

On August 14, 2011

iPhone has been a necessity for people working in all fields.

With the vast number of applications available in Apple’s App Store, it is to no surprise that in at least one working field, there will be a few applications that would be deemed essential to those working there.

Here are some applications that would be useful for most designers:


The Typography Manual

To any designer, typography is something so essential that not knowing it would be disastrous. The Typography Manual by Justin Stahl covers almost everything that a designer needs to know about typography. At a cost of $3.99, it should be a bargain to most designers. However, it should be noted that the application works only with those using iOS4.



HEX RGB Color Guide

At only $1.99, this application is a bargain for those wanting an application that allows them to choose a specific color. This application appeals to both designers and web developers as it allows its users to check on HEX as well as RGB.





Everyone knows Photoshop and its wonders in the designing world. Most people have the desktop version or some even use its Web version. However, designers now can also get an iPhone version of Photoshop. The best thing about it is that it is free and the features it have is sufficient for quick picture post processing.



What the Font

Some people may find a new font that they think looks good. However, the problem with fonts is that it is almost impossible to know what font is being used unless a designer uses them frequently. What The Font may be the solution for this problem. Users just need to take a picture of the font that he or she wishes to know about and the application will do the rest.