Must have travel apps – Las Vegas

On May 7, 2014

Summer is upon us and for many of us that means it is time to figure out where our summer holidays will take us, in this series we will look at some of the must have apps for some of the most popular holiday destinations in the United States. When I visited Las Vegas last year I began scouring the internet at least two weeks before takeoff looking for apps that would make my visit as easy as possible. Lets face it, Las Vegas can easily be a very intimidating place to visit, without the right guide you can quickly end up in the wrong part of town, or losing thousands of dollars at the blackjack table. In this list we have compiled some of the best resources to help you survive Las Vegas.

1. Las Vegas Guide — Lonely Planet

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Price: $24.99

 If you are looking for a guidebook that will guide you through the maze of streets in Las Vegas then look no further. Lonely Planet has been in the industry for a very long time and therefore their guidebooks are some of the most recommended books out there. The Las Vegas guide from Lonely Planet offers all the must-see sights and must-do experiences in Las Vegas. The app is illustrated with a lot of very stunning images.

2. TravelVegas – Las Vegas Deals

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Price: Free

If you are looking for the best deals while visiting Las Vegas then Travel Vegas is really the best app there is. The app has been featured in numerous newspapers and offers some of the very best deals in Vegas; furthermore the included travel guide helps you navigate through Vegas without getting lost. The app offers access to free drinks as well as restaurant discounts and reduced ticket prices for some of Vegas’s best shows.

3. WSOP Mobile Poker App

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Price: Free

In the United States the biggest gambling state outside of Nevada is New Jersey, with the most casinos being located in Atlantic City. In order for you to get prepared for the different Poker games in the Las Vegas Casinos you need to get in the action and that is where this game enters the picture. Not only can you win loads of money on a daily basis, but you can do it from the comfort of your couch. Anyone can play and anyone can win, no matter if you are playing for $1 a hand or if you are playing for several hundreds each time.

4 It’s on me!

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 Price: Free

Sometimes you really want to go to a party but just can’t make it. That might be one of the best times to use It’s on me! The app allows you to buy your friends a round of drinks at popular bars in different locations. This is a great way of telling your friends in Vegas that you are thinking of them and wished you were there.

5. VegasMate – Las Vegas Travel Guide

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Price: Free 

One of the ways I like preparing for a trip is by reading a travel guide about the destination. VegasMate offers one of the best apps with reference to hotels, restaurants, clubs and much more on the Las Vegas Strip. You can easily make a reservation at multiple restaurants directly from within the app. Furthermore you can easily sync trips and plans between devices through iCloud.

6. Royal Vegas Casino App


Price: Free 

If you really can’t stop playing casino games – then this is the app for you: you’ll be able to choose your favorite game from more than the 20, ranging from slot games to blackjack and a lot more. You can literally experience Las Vegas from anywhere on earth. For more information on the welcome bonus you’ll receive, and the full game list, check out this Royal Vegas casino review.